Notable Brockvillians


William Fitzsimmons

William FITZSIMMONS - ca.1869

William FITZSIMMONS – ca.1869

Born:     1818   County Donegal, Ireland

Died:     13 JULY 1894  (76 years old)   Brockville
Building Contractor

Mayor of the Town of Brockville,

1859, 1860, 1862, 1863, 1866, 1867, 1877, 1878

Member of the Ontario Provincial Legislature for Brockville & Elizabethtown

September 3, 1867 — December 23, 1874



Robert Bowie

Industrialist & Brewer

From a 1890 book, Men of Canada

BOWIE, Robert write-up 1890s



Dr. Vincent H. MOORE

M.D. and Physician

From a 1890 book, Men of Canada

MOORE, Dr Vincent write-up 1890s.


William H. Comstock

Patent Medicine Manufacturer

From a 1890 book, Men of Canada

COMSTOCK, William H. write-up 1890s


Notable Brockvillians in the

Dictionary of  Canadian Biography

George Crawford  - ca.1879

George Crawford – ca.1879

George Crawford


Levius P. Sherwood

Jonas Jones

Jonas Jones

Jonas Jones


Charles Jones

William Buell, Sr.

Adiel Sherwood    ca.1850

Adiel Sherwood ca.1850

Adiel Sherwood


Andrew N. Buell


Morris James c1863

James Morris    ca.1863

James Morris


SMART, Rev William ca 1870 (by Percy Woodcock)

Rev. William Smart

Rev. William Smart


Eliza M. (Hervey) Jones


2 comments on “Notable Brockvillians

  1. Curt says:

    The Comstock info seems off. He married Josephine Flint, daughter of Billa Flint. Billa owned the land where the Comstock building was built and Josephine inherited a great deal of money and real estate in Brockville and Morristown. I think her money then flowed to WH Comstock and his business built from there.

    • Doug Grant says:

      Yes, you are right, Curt, about the last name of Comstock’s wife being Josephine FLINT not “Elliot”. I had not considered before if any of the money from the Flint estate went into the Comstock business. This is probably true. Mrs. Comstock was born in 1840 and died 28 JAN. 1890. I believe they had 5 children.

      The old book that I took this picture and article from could have done a better job on fact-checking, but I didn’t notice the mistake, myself.

      Thanks for noticing this error.

      Doug Grant

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