Local Members of Parliament … 1792 – 1878

Brockville, Leeds, Grenville

from the History of Leeds and Grenville by Thad. W.H. Leavitt,

published in 1879 by the Recorder Press, Brockville

Chapter 18, page 63:

By an Act promulgated by proclamation in the year 1800, the following division of the Province was made:

The County of Grenville comprised the Townships of Edwardsburg, Augusta, Wolford, Oxford, Marlborough, Montague, North and South Gower.

The County of Leeds: Elizabethtown, Yonge, (Escott), Lansdowne, Leeds, Crosby, Bastard, Burgess, Elmsley and Kitley.   (Leeds County was created in 1792. It’s name came from Francis Osborne, 5th Duke of Leeds)

At that date the District of Johnston included Leeds and Grenville, as well as Carleton, and for many years the Justices in Session appointed the Constables for the latter county.

The union was repealed 2nd Geo. IV., C. 5.


Upper Canada Legislative Assembly

First Parliament – 1792-96:

Leeds – John Booth,  Grenville – (unknown)

Second Parliament – 1797-1800:

Leeds – John Booth,  Grenville – (unknown)

Third Parliament – 1801-04:

Leeds – William Buell,  Grenville – Samuel Sherwood

Fourth Parliament – 1805-08:

Leeds – Dr. Peter Howard,  Grenville – Samuel Sherwood

Fifth Parliament – 1808-12:

Leeds – Dr. Peter Howard,   Grenville – (unknown)

Sixth Parliament – 1812-16:

Leeds – Dr. Peter Howard,   Grenville – (unknown) 

Seventh Parliament – 1817-20:

Leeds – Jonas Jones,   Grenville – Dr. Peter Howard

Jones Jonas

Jonas Jones

Eighth Parliament – 1821-24:

Leeds – Levius P. Sherwood,   Charles Jones
Grenville – Walter F. Gates,   Jonas Jones

Ninth Parliament – 1825-28:

Leeds – Charles Jones,  David Jones

Grenville – Jonas Jones,  Hamilton Walker

Tenth Parliament – 1829-30:

Leeds – William Buell, Jr. ,  John Kilborn

Grenville – George Longley,  Rufus E. Henderson

Buell Wm Jr (Lock)

William Buell, Jr.

Eleventh Parliament – 1831-34:

Brockville – Henry Jones

Leeds – William Buell, Jr.,  Matthew M. Howard

Grenville – Edward Jessup, III (d. 1831),  Hiram NortonRichard D. Fraser

Twelfth Parliament – 1835-36:

Brockville – David Jones

Leeds –  Ogle R. Gowan (unseated), William Buell, Jr. (April 1836),   Robert S. Jameson (unseated),  Matthew M. Howard (April 1836)

Grenville – Hiram Norton, William B. Wells

Gowan, Ogle R.

Ogle R. Gowan

Thirteenth Parliament – 1837-40:

Brockville – Henry Sherwood

Leeds –  Jonas Jones (appointment),   James Morris (Dec. 1837),   Ogle R. Gowan    (Jonas Jones was appointed Registrar for Dundas County)

Grenville – Hiram Norton,   William B. Wells


Appointed Members of the Legislative Council

1829-40   Charles Jones

1831-41   Alexander Grant, Jr.    (did not attend after 1832)

1839-41   Jonas Jones


Canadian Parliament

First Parliament  1841:

Brockville – James Jessup

Leeds – James Morris

Grenville – Samuel Crane

Morris James 1840s

James Morris

Second Parliament 1844-45:

Brockville – George Sherwood

Leeds – Ogle R. Gowan

Grenville – Hamilton D. Jessup

Third Parliament 1848:

Brockville – George Sherwood

Leeds – William B. Richards

Grenville – Read Burritt

RICHARDS, William B. (improved) - OSGOODE Hall, Toronto - 16 MAR 2012

William Buell Richards

Fourth Parliament 1852-53:

Brockville – George Crawford

Leeds – William B. Richards

Grenville – William Patrick

Fifth Parliament 1854-55:

Brockville – George Crawford

North Leeds & Grenville – Basil R. Church

South Leeds –  Jessie Delong

South Grenville – William Patrick

Sixth Parliament   1858:

Brockville – George Sherwood

North Leeds & Grenville – Basil R. Church

South Leeds – Benjamin Tett

South Grenville – William Patrick

Seventh Parliament   1862:

Brockville – Hon. George Sherwood

North Leeds & Grenville – Francis Jones

South Leeds – Benjamin Tett

South Grenville – William Patrick

Richards, Albert N. engraving (from Dent)

Albert N. Richards

Eighth Parliament  1863:

Brockville – FitzWilliam H. Chambers

North Leeds & Grenville – Francis Jones

South Leeds – Albert N. Richards

South Grenville – Walter Shanly


Dominion Parliament

First Parliament   1867-68:

Brockville – James Crawford

North Leeds & Grenville – Francis Jones

South Leeds – John Crawford

South Grenville – Walter Shanly

Second Parliament   1873:

Brockville – Jacob D. Buell

North Leeds & Grenville – Francis Jones

South Leeds – Albert N. Richards

South Grenville – William H. Brouse

Third Parliament   1874:

Brockville – Jacob D. Buell

North Leeds & Grenville – Charles F. Ferguson

South Leeds – David F. Jones

South Grenville – William H. Brouse

FITZSIMMONS William 1873

William Fitzsimmons

Fourth Parliament   1878:

Brockville – William Fitzsimmons

North Leeds & Grenville – Charles F. Ferguson

South Leeds – David Ford Jones

South Grenville – J. P. Wiser

Appointed Members of the Legislative Council

1842-1850   Levius P. Sherwood  (died in 1850)

1844-1865  James Morris  (died in 1865)

1858 – 1867  –   St. Lawrence Division – George Crawford  (re-appointed to the Senate in 1867)

The St. Lawrence Division consisted of Brockville, Elizabethtown, South Riding of Grenville, North Riding of Leeds and Grenville, and the County of Dundas.

CRAWFORD George c1879

George Crawford

1860   –   Bathurst Division  –  James Shaw

1878   –   Bathurst Division  –  William H. Brouse

The Bathurst Division for the Legislative Council consisted of the South Riding of Leeds, and the North and South Ridings of Lanark.

Legislative Assembly for Ontario

First Parliament   1867-68:

Brockville – William Fitzsimmons

North Leeds and Grenville – H. D. Smith

South Leeds – Benjamin Tett

South Grenville – McNeil Clark

Second Parliament   1871:

Brockville – William Fitzsimmons

North Leeds and Grenville – Henry Merrick

South Leeds – Herbert. S. McDonald, who resigned;  succeeded by J.G. Giles

South Grenville – McNeil Clark; succeeded by C.F. Fraser

Fraser C F 1873

Christopher F. Fraser

Third Parliament   1875:

Brockville – Wilmot H. Cole

North Leeds and Grenville – Henry Merrick.

South Leeds – R. H. Preston

South Grenville – Christopher F. Fraser

Government Positions:

Hon. Henry Sherwood, Solicitor-General for Upper Canada, from October 7th 1844 to June 30th, 1846.

Hon. Henry Sherwood, Attorney-General for Upper Canada, from May 29th 1847 to March 10 1848.

Hon. Henry Sherwood, member of the Executive Council, from May 29th 1847 to March 10th, 1848, and from August 6th 1858 to May 23rd 1862.

Hon. William Morris, Receiver-General, from September 2nd 1844 to May 20th 1847.

Hon. William Morris, member of the Executive Council, from September 22nd 1844 to March 10th 1848.

Hon. William Morris, member of new Board of Public Works, from October 4th 1844 to June 8th 1846.

Hon. William Morris, President of the Executive Council, from May 22nd 1847 to March 10th 1848.

Hon. James Morris , Postmaster-General, from February 22nd 1851 to August 10th 1853.

Hon. James Morris, member of the Executive Council, from February 22nd 1851 to September 10th 1854; from August 2nd 1858 to August 4th 1858; and from May 24th 1862, to March 6th 1863.

Hon. William B. Richards, Attorney-General for Upper Canada, from October 28th 1851 to June 21st 1853.

Hon. William B. Richards, member of Executive Council, from October 28th 1851 to June 21st 1853.

Hon. George Sherwood, member of the Executive Council, from August 6th 1858 to May 23rd 1862.

Hon. George Sherwood, Receiver-General, from August 7th 1858 to March 26th 1862.

Hon. George Sherwood, Commissioner of Crown Lands, from March 27th 1862 to May 23rd 1862.

Hon. Albert N. Richards, Solicitor-General, from December 26th 1863 to January 30th 1864.

Hon. Albert N. Richards, member of the Executive Council, from December 26th 1863 to January 30th 1864.

British Monarchs (1714-present)

British Coat of Arms (1816-37)


 1714 – 1727

George I Kneller 1714

George I, son of Elector of Hanover and Sophia, granddaughter of James I


1727 – 1760

King George II

George II, son of George I


1760 – 1820

George III

George III, grandson of George II

 1820 – 1830

King George IV

George IV, son of George III


1830 – 1837

King William IV

William IV, third son of George III

1837 – 1901

Queen Victoria 1887

Victoria, daughter of Edward, fourth son of George III

Queen Victoria with her family - 1894

The Family of Queen Victoria – picture taken in Germany 1894



1901 – 1910

King Edward VIII

Edward VII, son of Victoria

King Edward VII & his familyThe Family of King George V & Queen Alexandra.



(name adopted July 17, 1917)

1910 – 1936

King George V

George V, second son of Edward VII

George V & Queen Mary & family


1936 – 1936 (abdicated)

King Edward VIII

Edward VIII, eldest son of George V

Wallis & Edward c

Wallis & Edward


1936 – 1952

King George VI

George VI, second son of George V


1952 –

Queen Elizabeth II

Elizabeth II, daughter of George VI

Population of Brockville … from 1827

Brockville ca. 1840

Brockville ca.1840  –  from a drawing by Frederick Holloway

Brockville Minstrels 1885

The Brockville Minstrels before performing in Ogdensburg    1885


These population figures were compiled over the years, from various sources. I have no reason to doubt the accuracy of the numbers.  Many years are missing at the moment.

1827 — 677

1830 — 954

1840 — 1500

1846 — 2111

1851 — 2757

1852 — 3236

1857 — 4000 (approx.)

1861 — 4111

1871 — 5500 (approx.)

1874 — 6054

1875 — 6170

1876 — 6496

1877 — 6868

1878 — 6941

1879 — 7467

1880 — 7441

1881 — 7374

1882 — 7575

1883 — 7504

1884 — 8141

1885 — 8499

1886 — 8414

1887 — 8284

1893 — 8631

1894 — 9013

1908 — 8500

1915 — about 10,000


Workers at Laing Produce ca.1930

Workers at Laing Produce & Storage Co. Ltd, 39-41 Water St. E.    about 1930.

Brockville & Ottawa Railway ………. 1860 Train Schedule

The following details were taken from a notice placed in the Brockville newspaper “The Monitor” on 23 June 1860.


Brockville & Ottawa Railway Depot

The B&O RR locomotive “Renfrew” standing at the depot on the Brockville waterfront


Change of Time

On or after Monday, May 5th, and until further notice, trains will run as follows: —



Going South

Leave Almonte at     8:00 am

Leave Carleton Place at     8:30 am

Leave Franktown at     9:15 am

Leave Smith’s Falls at     9:50 am

Leave Irish Creek at     10:25 am

Leave Bellamy’s at     11:20 am

Arriving at Brockville at     12:00 noon

Going North

Leave Brockville at     4:00 pm

Leave Bellamy’s at     4:45 pm

Leave Irish Creek at      5:35 pm

Leave Smith’s Falls at     6:10 pm

Leave Franktown at     6:45 pm

Leave Carleton Place at     7:25 pm

Arrive at Almonte at     7:50 pm



Going East

Leave Perth for Smith’s Falls     8:50 am

Leave Perth for Smith’s Falls     5:00 pm

Going West

Leave Smith’s Falls for Perth     10:00 am

Leave Smith’s Falls for Perth     6:05 pm


Passengers for Montreal and Toronto take the (Grand Trunk Railway) express trains at Brockville, which cross each other at the station at 2:05 pm.

Passengers for Ottawa, taking the train leaving Brockville at 2:05 pm, will connect at Prescott with the Prescott & Ottawa Railway, reaching Ottawa the same evening.

Brockville GTR Depot

The gardens at the Grand Trunk Railway station in Brockville about 1855

A stage leaves Arnprior every morning, and returns in the evening, connecting with the train leaving and arriving at Almonte.  Passengers by this route, from and to the upper Ottawa (valley), reach Montreal and Toronto the same evening; being the only route by which this can be done.

Trains run by Montreal time, which is 8 1/2 minutes faster than Brockville time.

Brockville, May 1st, 1860

Robert Watson

Managing Director,

B. & O. R.R.

An early wood-burning locomotive 1870s

A typical wood-burning locomotive in the 1870s

Brockvillians from the Atlas of the Dominion of Canada, 1875

1879 View of Brockville

A view of Brockville from the east – ca.1879

Business Cards of Patrons in the Town of Brockville


BANK OF MONTREAL,  J. N. Travers, manager.

Archer BAKER, secretary and treasurer, B. & O. and C. C. Railways.

BELL, & McEWAN, cabinet maker & furniture dealers, Main Street.

J. D. Buell

Mayor Jacob D. Buell

J. D. BUELL, mayor, barrister, attorney-at-law, solicitor in chancery, notary public, etc.

William COATES, watchmaker and jeweller, dealer in organs, sewing machines, etc., 93 Main St.

A. G. COLE, Dominion Photography Gallery, wholesale and retail dealer in pictures, frames, fancy goods, sewing machines, etc., Main St.

William H. Comstock

William H. Comstock

Wm. Henry COMSTOCK, proprietor of Judson’s Mountain Herb Pills, Morse’s Indian Root Pills, Carlton’s Condition Powders, etc., McKenzie’s Dead Shot Worm Candy.

Alex. COWAN, manager of the Brockville Chemical and Superphosphate Co.

John CRAWFORD, postmaster, Brockville.

Evans L. HAMILTON, B.A., M.D., Headmaster, Brockville High School.

Christopher FLETCHER, dealer in hardware, bar iron, saddlery and groceries, King St.

Christopher F. FraserChristopher F. Fraser

FRASER & RICHARDS, barristers, attorneys-at-law, &c. Hon. C. F. Fraser, A. E. Richards.

A. J. GARRY, grocer, etc.

T. GILMOUR & CO., grocers & produce dealers, King St.

G. R. GRIFFIN, manufacturer and dealer in hats, caps & furs, Main St.

J. J. HANNAN, wholesale dealer in butter, cheese, pork, flour, grain, seed, etc., Perth & King Sts.

T. J. B. HARDING, chemist & druggist, also exchange broker, collections made on all parts of Canada and the U.S., 126 Main Street

D. F. HAYES, Brockville

HOWE & MARSTON, proprietors, Revere House (late Campbell House)

James JESSUP, clerk of the peace, Court House

William Hamilton JONES, barrister and attorney-at-law, solicitor in chancery, notary public, conveyancer, etc.

F. E. KAUFMAN, music store and music school, Main Street

MANHARD & BOOTH, wholesale confectioners, fruit & oyster dealers, 94 King St.

Neil McCARNEY, proprietor of St. Lawrence Hall, cor. Buell and Church Streets

W. McCULLOUGH & SON, manufacturers of scythes, snaths, hames, saddles, etc.

McDonald Herbert S, 1906

Judge Herbert S. McDonald

Herbert S. McDONALD, judge, County Court, barrister and attorney-at-law, solicitor in chancery, notary public, conveyancer, etc.

A. G. McCRADY, tanner and general dealer in leather, hides and skins

Alex. McINTYRE, first class work in every branch of photography. Court House Avenue

MOORE & WRIGHT, dealers in staple and fancy dry goods. Main Street

James MOORE, Main St.

G. B. MURRAY,photographer & dealer in fancy goods, frames, &c., King St.

John MURRAYMontreal Telegraph Co.

Samuel REYNOLDS, Jr., clerk, County Court, Court House

William SHERWOOD, barrister at law, &c.

SHEPHERD & KYLE, Heman Shepherd and James Kyle. wholesale & retail dealers in dry goods, groceries, crockery, glassware etc. Main Street

E. J. SENKLER,barrister and attorney, crown attorney

SMART & SHEPHERD, Brockville

James SMART, hardware & stove founder. Gourley Street

A. W. STARR, King St.

Rev. Francis R. TANE, Rector.

Harry E. VAUX, M.D., physician, surgeon and coroner.

R. & B. R. WOODS, manufacturers of all kinds of domestic cigars, and dealers in tobacconists’ fancy goods.  Main St.


King St W ca1885

King St. West, looking east – ca.1895

1951 – Arena Women’s Committee

Between 1937 and 1951, the youth of Brockville and the organized Hockey teams were without a covered or artificial ice arena. The previous 23-year-old all-wood arena on the west side of Gilmore St. had suffered a sudden and suspicious fire, which destroyed it on January 17, 1937. The fire department found it engulfed in flames before they could do anything, and in 2 hours it was completely destroyed. The fire was blamed on an arsonist whose string of local fires later included the old Opera House (now the Arts Centre).

After many years of natural ice outdoor skating and a lengthy world war, efforts were started in 1945 by volunteer committees to work toward building a new ice rink for the town. After two failed groups gave up the task, the town council and alderman Jack Regua set to work again late in 1947. After involving numerous individuals, including the Women’s Division pictured here, the Ways & Means Committee managed to raise over $150,000, which was augmented by $60,000 from the tax rolls. In April 1950, Mayor Fred Reynolds turned the first sod, and the Pyramid Construction Co. started work of the new Rotary Memorial Civic Centre, located on the same site.  It was later opened with a official ceremony on February 25th, 1951.

Women’s Division Committee

25 February 1951

Photo of Women's Committee

Back Row (from left):
Marjorie Bogart,   Margaret McLean,   Hilda? (Mrs. Alfred) MacDonald,   Peggy Reid,   Jean McLean,   Eileen Moorehouse,   Mrs. Cecil Robinson,   Edna? (Mrs. Mac) Johnson,  and   Jean? (Mrs. Bob) Graham.

  Front Row (from left):
Laura Winford,   Noreen Kelly,   Nellie Kelly,   Mina Glover,   Rena Miller,   Esme Pyke,   Evelyn Davison,   Kathleen Cook,  and   Theresa Aikens.

Rev. William Smart’s Baptismal Register 1831 – 1848

Extracts from Rev. William Smart’s Baptismal Register   1831 – 1848

As Published in the Papers of the Ontario Historical Society.


With Introduction and Notes by H. Richards (“Dick”) Morgan:

An account by Holly S. Seaman of the career of the Reverend William Smart, who was the first resident Minister of the Gospel in the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville and the founder of the First Presbyterian Church in Brockville, is to be found in Vol. No. 5 of the Papers and Records of the Ontario Historical Society (1904). At that time there was also given a series of extracts from old registers of baptisms, marriages and deaths kept by Mr. Smart.

Some months ago Dr. William Frederick Jackson, of Mowbath  Hall, Brockville, discovered a further register which had been kept by Mr. Smart having to do with baptisms which he had performed, and the contents of this register are herewith reproduced, together with the following testimonial to Mr. Smart’s services, dated at Brockville, May 4, 1848, and signed by Alexander Morris, the Hon. James Morris, Dr. Robert  Edmondson, Lt.-Col. Ogle R. Gowan, MPP, Hon George  Sherwood, MPP, Sheriff Adiel Sherwood, and Alpheus Jones (Prescott), which was found accompanying the register:

Brockville, May 4, 1848

This is to certify that we, the undersigned, have been acquainted with the Rev. Mr. Smart for many years, and several of us ever since he commenced his labours in this town, and neighbourhood, which is now thirty-six years, and during that long period he has as a man and Christian minister borne an unblemished character.

He has always been faithful and zealous in promoting the doctrines of Christianity, and the diffusion of sound morality among the people, and he has ever been foremost in the promotion of every institution which had for its object the glory of God, and the spiritual and moral happiness of the community.

His love and zeal for his Sovereign and the laws and institutions of the country none can doubt, as he has at all times, both by example and precept been faithful in the discharge of these important duties.


Rev. William Smart ca1825

Rev. William Smart   ca.1825


The following entries are selected only as they apply to residents of the Town of Brockville:



29 April  1831 – JOHN ARMSTRONG, born May 6, 1829, son of Adam and Mary ARMSTRONG, Brockville.

29 April 1831 – AGNES REID, born January 2, 1831, daughter of John and Jane REID,  Brockville.

30 April 1831 – JAMES HENRY MORRIS, son of James and Emily MORRIS, Brockville.

(James Henry MORRIS, Q.C., the eldest son of the Hon. James MORRIS M.L.C. and his wife, Emily MURNEY, was born in Brockville on February 16, 1831, and died in Toronto on December 10, 1890.)

August, 1831 – DORCAS WELCH, born July 1831, daughter of Joseph and Ann WELCH,  Brockville.

1 September 1831 – ROBERT SWEENEY, born August 2, 1831, son of Thomas and Jane SWEENEY, Brockville.

5 September 1831 – CHARLES EZRA DEWEY, son of Martin and Maria DEWEY, Brockville.

(Charles Israel DEWEY was the father of George K. DEWEY, town clerk, Brockville.)

5 September 1831  – CLARISSA ELIZABETH DEWEY, daughter of Martin and Maria DEWEY, Brockville.

(Afterwards Mrs. David BYERS.)

26 October 1831 – JANE McKAY, born September 13, 1831, daughter of Peter and Mary Ann MCKAY,  Brockville.

2 November 1831 – WILLIAM LAWLESS HYNES, son of William and Margaret HYNES, Brockville.

5 November 1831 – MARY JANE POTTER, born October 9, 1830, daughter of John C. and Mary Ann POTTER, Brockville.

6 November 1831 – SOPHIA ELIZABETH MORRIS, daughter of Alexander and Elizabeth MORRIS, Brockville.


13 February 1832 – DONALD McKAY, born January 21, 1832, son of Robert and Ellen McKAY,  Brockville.

5 April 1832 – Child of Alexander and Ann STARR

(This child was obviously ALFRED HENRY STARR, born in Brockville on November 36, 1831, and the founder of the Starr, Gill Manufacturing Co. from which he retired in 1874. His wife was Sarah Frederica LOTHROP, daughter of F. L. LOTHROP, and he died in 1877. One of his sons, George Lothrop STARR became the Very Rev. Dr. STARR (1872-1925), Dean of the Diocese of Ontario.)

10 June 1832 – PHEBE HOLDEN, born November 9, 1831, daughter of Rufus and Elizabeth HOLDEN, Brockville.

(Mr. Smart had married Rufus HOLDEN and Elizabeth CLEMENT, both of Elizabethtown, on November 17, 1830.)

8 July 1832 – JAMES NELSON, born April 16, 1832, son of Samuel and Betty NELSON, Brockville.

4 September 1832 – ANDREW NORTON COLE, son of  Abel and Catherine COLE, Brockville.

4 September 1832 – MARGARET REBECCA DONALDSON, daughter of Andrew and Susanna DONALDSON, Brockville.

13 September 1832 – ELIZA ANN GILMOUR, born January 5, 1832, daughter of John and Matilda GILMOUR, Brockville.

6 December 1832 – OGLE ROBERT THOMPSON, born August 24, 1832, son of John and Mary Ann THOMPSON, Brockville.

22 December 1832 – WILLIAM POLLY, born July 4, 1832, son of William H. and Delila POLLY, Brockville.

(One of the two tombstones which remained standing in the old Buell burying ground on Louis Street, Brockville, a few years ago — both of which have now disappeared   was “to the memory of William, Son of William H. and Delila POLLEY, who departed this life December 30, 1832, aged 5 months and 26 days”.)

25 December 1832 – Child of Adam and Mary ROBINSON, Brockville.


13 January 1833 – MARY MATILDA PEOPLES, daughter of John and Elizabeth PEOPLES, Brockville.

28 January 1833 – ADELAIDE VICTORIA BUELL, daughter of Joseph Peters and Britannia BUELL, Brockville.

26 May 1833 – ELVIRA ADELAIDE POTTER, born February 16, 1833, daughter of John C. and Mary POTTER, Brockville.

(She was married, firstly to W. H. ELLERBECK, barrister-at-law, Brockville secondly in 1873 to Robert F. FITZSIMMONS, merchant, Brockville and died there in 1918.)

26 May 1833 – JANET SUTHERLAND MULLINER, born February 28, 1833, daughter of Samuel and Catherine MULLINER, Brockville.

21 June 1833 – ROBERT HARROWER WHITELAW, Born in Kingston, June 21, 1832, son of John and Frances WHITELAW, Brockville.

20 October 1833 – MARGARET WEIR, born October 7, 1833, daughter of _______ and Ann WEIR, Brockville.

25 October 1833 – John CRANSTOUN, born June 21, 1833, son of William and Marian CRANSTOUN, Brockville.

25 October 1833 – EDMUND MORRIS, born June 1, 1833, son of James and Emily Morris, Brockville.

(He was a son of the Hon. James MORRIS and his wife, Emily MURNEY, and was long connected with the Ontario Bank and was married in 1863 to Catherine Ann SCHOFIELD, daughter of James L. Schofield, Brockville.)

1 November 1833 – MARION WATSON, born October 11, 1833, daughter of William and Margaret WATSON, Brockville.


14 February 1834 – MARY ANN REED, born October 7, 1833, daughter of John and Jane REED, Brockville.

27 February 1834 – GEORGE McKAY, born December 24, 1833, son of Peter and Marion McKAY,  Brockville.

21 March 1834 – WILLIAM McCRUM born February 7, 1833, son of Robert and Elizabeth McCRUM, Brockville.

26 March 1834 – CHARLES HAYES, born January 26, 1834, son of James and Nancy HAYES,  Brockville.

28 March 1834 – GEORGE SPENCER, born January 2, 1834, son of William and Mary Ann SPENCER, Brockville.

28 March 1834 – ROBERT BEATY POWELL, born September 30, 1833, son of James and Hannah POWELL, Brockville.

(Robert B. POWELL died in 1908.)

31 March 1834 – WILLIAM McCLENCHY, son of William and Ellen McCLENCHY, Brockville.

21 May 1834 – JOHN MORRISON JOHNSTON, born April 8, 1934, son of George Lodge and Jane JOHNSTON, Brockville.

22 May 1834 – ISAAC FOLLY, born December 6, 1833, son of William H. and Delila Polly,  Brockville.

20 July 1834 – Mary Ann SLATER, born May 18, 1834, daughter of William and Elizabeth  SLATER, Brockville.

16 September 1834 – JOHN DONALDSON, born June 20, 1834, son of Andrew and Mary DONALDSON, Brockville.

18 September 1834 – MARGARET NELSON, born August 19, 1833, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth NELSON, Brockville.

21 September 1834 – HELEN SMART, born August 19, 1833, daughter of John and Isabella SMART, Brockville.

6 September 1834 – Child, born August 17, 1834, of ________ LOTHROP, Brockville

(Probably Sarah Frederica LOTHROP, daughter of Fordyce L. LOTHROP, Brockville, afterwards married to Alfred Henry STARR.)

2 November 1834 – ALEXANDER GORDON STARR, son of Alexander and Ann STARR, Brockvllle.

(He was born July 24, 1834, died April 8, 1915, at Brockville, where he had been agent for the Canadian Pacific Railway.)

18 December 1834 – ELIZA ANN ROBINSON, born September 23, 1834, daughter of Thomas and Ann ROBINSON, Brockville.

26 December 1834 – ELIZABETH WILSON McCALLUM, born October 14, 1834, daughter of James and Margaret McCALLUM, Brockville.


6 January 1835 – JAMES McCLATCHEY, born December 19, 1834, son of Matthew and Sarah McCLATCHEY, Brockville.

21 March 1835 – HENRY WALKER, born January 15, 1835, son of James and Jennet WALKER, Brockville.

12 May 1835 – SAMUEL NELSON, born March 21, 1835, son of Samuel and Elizabeth NELSON, Brockville.

12 May 1835 – KETTY BLAIR, born May 3, 1835, daughter of Alexander and Margaret  BLAIR, Brockville.

12 May 1835 – JOHN ROBINSON, born May 6, 1835, son of William and Ann ROBINSON,  Brockville.

12 May 1835 – SUSANNA HILLIS, daughter of  Joseph and Nancy HILLIS, Brockville.

17 May 1835 – JOHN McCULLOCH, born April 25, 1835, son of Alexander and Mary McCULLOCH, Brockville.

23 June 1835 – MARY ADELAIDE MOSELY, born August 24, 1832, daughter of John and Ann MOSELY, Brockville.

JULIAN MOSELY, born June 14, 1835, son of John and Ann MOSELY, Brockville.

18 June 1835 – JANE McCRUM, born December 25, 1834, daughter of James and Mary Ann MCCRUM, Brockville.

18 August 1835 – BETSY JANE STRAIN, born March 21, 1835, daughter of David and Catherine STRAIN, Brockville.

4 September 1835 – JOHN McCLENCHY, born September 4, 1835, son of Robert and Mary McCLENCHY, Brockville.

12 October 1835 – MATTE COOPER, born August 28, 1835, daughter of John and Matte  COOPER, Brockville.

25 December 1835 – FITZ WILLIAM HENRY CHAMBERS, born September 29, 1832, son of James Alexander and Eliza Ann Mary CHAMBERS, Elizabethtown.

(F.W.H. CHAMBERS became a leading figure in the public life of Brockville, where he practiced law for an extended period, and which he represented in the Parliament of the Canadas from 1863 to 1867. For some time he was in partnership with the late Judge H.S. MCDONALD and subsequently going to Detroit, became a judge there. He died in Detroit about 25 years ago.)

JAMES ALEXANDER BREAKENRIDGE CHAMBERS, born May 6, 1835, son of James Alexander and Eliza Ann Mary CHAMBERS, Elizabethtown.


15 February 1836 – JAMES REYNOLDS, born June 25, 1835, son of James and Elizal REYNOLDS, Brockville.

17 April 1836 – SARAH ANN SPENCE, born July 1835, daughter of William and Mary Ann SPENCE, Brockville.

24 April 1836 – SARAH ANN WEIR, born April 7, 1836, daughter of George and Ann WEIR, Brockville.

15 May 1836 –  BENJAMIN ROBINSON, son of  Thomas and Ann ROBINSON, Brockville.

30 October 1836 – Two children (neither names or sexes given) of William and Sophrone MORSE,  Brockville.

3 November 1836 – THOMAS LEACH, born May 18, 1836, son of Edward and Elizabeth LEACH, Brockville.


30 July 1837 – THOMAS HILLIS, born March 12, 1837, son of William and Mary Ann HILLIS, Brockville.


22 April 1838 – JOSEPH HILLIS, born January 6, 1838, son of William and Mary Ann HILLIS, Brockville.


no date, 1840 – MARIA JANE DOWSLEY, daughter of George and Eliza DOWSLEY, Brockville.

KENEDA BROWN DOWSLEY, born April 21, 1840, daughter of George and Eliza DOWSLEY,  Brockville.


8 May 1841 – LATICIA ALLEN, born July 26, 1839, daughter of John and Fanny ALLEN,  Brockville.

13 December 1841 – JOHN KIRKLAND, son of  Thomas and Susanna KIRKLAND, Brockville.


2 May 1842 – EUPHRASIA HARRIET ELIZA ELLERBECK,  born August 24, 1841, daughter of  William Harrison and Katherine Cook ELLERBECK.

(She died on January 24, 1859, and is buried in the Howard Cemetery, Elizabethtown.)

8 May 1842 – HANCE HILLIS, born March 18, 1842, son of Thomas and Sarah HILLIS,  Brockville.

21 June 1842 – MARGARET GREEN, born February 11, 1842, daughter of John and Maria GREEN,  Brockville.

16 July 3 842 – MARY ANN ALLAN, born March 29, 1842, daughter of John and Fanny ALLAN,  Elizabethtown (formerly of Brockville)


21 June 1843 – AGNES GEORGE, born August 12, 1842, daughter of David and Rachel GEORGE, Brockville.


19 March 1845 – JAMES ALEXANDER LIDDLE, born January 38, 1845, son of  George and Jane LIDDLE, Brockville.

4 May 1845 – JOSHUA McCORD, born February 13, 1845, son of James and Jane McCORD,  Brockville.


9 February 1848 – MATHER STUART, born November 28, 1847, daughter of Alexander and Jane STUART, Brockville.

10 February 1848 – HELEN HARRIET DANA, born October 31, 1847, daughter of Alonzo B. and Mary DANA, Brockville.

(She was married in Brockville on December 5, 1871, as his first wife, to Archer BAKER, then accountant of the Brockville and Ottawa, and Canada Central Railways and subsequently general superintendent of the eastern division, Canadian Pacific Railway, and its European traffic manager. She died in Brockville on September 25, 1880.)

Rev. Wiiliam Smart  ca.1870

Rev. William Smart   ca.1870

1853 – Directory of Map Subscribers

from the Map of Brockville, Canada West         1853

Published by Wall and Forrest, New York

View of Brockville about 1852 as drawn by Owen Staples

View of Brockville about 1852 as drawn by Owen Staples

List of Subscribers

Information probably compiled in 1852.

Edited and expanded for clarity by Douglas M. Grant


ANDERSON, John – boot and shoe store

ANDERSON, Adam – bookbinder

ANDREWS, Jesse – hotel keeper

ARNOLD, George W.


BELL, Robert

BEACH, Stephen – tavern keeper


BLODGETT, S.S. – dentist

BOTSFORD, Warren – groceries, &c.

BROOKS, James H. – copper & tin smith

Jacob Dockstader Buell

Jacob Dockstader Buell

BUELL, Jacob D. – attorney at law


CAMM, Thomas – tailor

CAMPBELL, C. J. – Commercial Bank


George Chaffey

George Chaffey


CHAMBERS, Fitz William H. – attorney at law

CHURCH, Richard F. – Bank of Upper Canada

COLES, C.H. – tailor

Corporation of Brockville

COLEMAN, Richard – leather manufacturer

COLEMAN, James – leather manufacturer

COOK, William – baker

COLTON, Reuben P. – iron founder

COWAN, John – butcher



John Willoughby Crawford

John Willoughby Crawford


CUNNINGHAM, Thomas – grocery


DICKINSON, Benjamin – deputy sheriff

DOYLE, William

DOWSLEY, W. & J. – shoe store

DANA, Alonzo B. – shoe store

DONALDSON, Andrew – hatter


ELLERBECK, William H. – Attorney at Law

EDMONDSON, Dr. Robert – M.D.

EASTON, Seymour G. – baker


FITZSIMMONS, William – carpenter

Robert Fitzsimmons

Robert Fitzsimmons

FITZSIMMONS, Robert – grocer

FLINT, Samuel


FLINT, Billa

FORD, David B. Ogden


FULFORD, Hiram – marble dealer

FRIEDENHEIMER, J. – jeweller &c.


GALLENA, James – plasterer

GAY, Andrew

GILMOUR, William – iron founder

GREEN, John – hotel keeper


HAZLEWOOD, Richard – carpenter

HEALEY, James – grocer

HOLMES, F.M. – agent, Bank of Montreal

HUNTER, Michael – blacksmith

HUDDLESTON, J.W. – tinsmith &c.


JONES, Charles E.

JONES, David – County Registrar

JONES, Frederick

JONES, Mrs. Charles – widow

JONES, Ormond

William Hayes Jackson

William Hayes Jackson

JACKSON, William H. – saddle & harness maker



KILBORN, John – postmaster

KILBORN, Bradish – tanner & currier

KILBORN, Billings – tinsmith


KINCAID, James – saddle & harness maker




LAWLESS, Edward – grocer


LEGGO, Christopher


LOTHROP, Fordyce L. – auctioneer & merchant


MARSHALL, Thomas – tavern keeper

MATTHIE, ROBERTSON & CO. – merchants

McCLEAN, Worship B. – attorney at law




McDONALD, Norman – merchant

McKEE, Andrew – merchant

McKENZIE, John – hotel

McELHINNY, John – cabinet maker

McMULLEN, John – bookseller & publisher of Free Press

McQUEEN, Dr. Thomas F. – physician

Morton, McKee & Co. – merchants

MORTON, George – merchant

James Morris

James Morris

MORRIS, William & James

MURRAY, Patrick

MURPHY, Michael – butcher

NICOLSON, James – baker


NOTTAR, Thomas – ship carpenter

O’DELL, Amos

OLDS, Gershom – carriage maker


PARR, James – saddle & harness maker

PARR, Arthur – saddle & harness maker


POTTER, John C. – shoe dealer


Ralph & Converse – drug store

READ, Isaac – merchant

REYNOLDS, Dr. Thomas – M.D.

REID, John – grist mill

Albert Norton Richards, Brockville attorney & barrister

Albert Norton Richards

RICHARDS, Albert N. – attorney at law

ROSS, John & Samuel



SHERWOOD, Hamilton N.

SHERWOOD, William & STEELE, Richard F.    – attorneys at law

SIMPSON, William B. – H.M. Customs

SKINNER, Sylvester

SMART, Thomas – tailor

SMITH, Truman

SPENCER, E. – daguerrian artist



TURNER, Allan – drugs & medicines


VANARNAM, Charles – dry goods &c.


WEBSTER, Thomas – merchant


WEATHERHEAD, John – revenue inspector

WHITE, Andrew – hotel keeper

WHITE, James – tavern keeper

WHITE, James & William – house painters


WILLSON, William H. – hotel

WRIGHT, J. – watchmaker

WYLIE, David – editor of Recorder


The Town of Brockville from the east end - ca1858

The Town of Brockville from the east end – ca1858

Court Convictions – September 1824

from the Brockville Recorder, September 13, 1824

Convictions – in the Court of Oyer and Terminer and General Gaol delivery, held in this place during the past week.


Catharine Sharplay – Grand Larceny

          – To be imprisoned two weeks, and to be privately whipped twenty lashes.


Mary LittleGrand Larceny

           – To be imprisoned two weeks, and to be privately whipped twenty lashes.


Mary BoingtonLarceny

           – To be imprisoned two weeks, and to be privately whipped twenty lashes.


James Brown Grand Larceny

           – To be imprisoned two months, to be twice publicly whipped, and receive twenty lashes each time.


Anthony GallagherGrand Larceny

           – To be imprisoned two months and, in which period, to be twice whipped publicly and to receive twenty lashes each time.


Andrew GallagherFelony

           – To be banished for seven years, and to depart in eight days.


John RowlandPassing counterfeit money

           – To be imprisoned one month, at the expiration of which, to stand one hour in the public pillory, and to be banished from the Province for seven years, from the 11th Oct. 1824; and to depart in 6 days.


          Drawing of the Old Brockville Court House

1827 Census – Village of Brockville

Edited by Douglas M. Grant

Arranged alphabetically, and abbreviations expanded where known to be true.


AGAR, John


BLER, Francis




BUELL, Andrew N.

BUELL, William, Esq.

BUELL, William, Jr.



CARLEY, Duncan

CARLEY, Richard


CHASE, Enoch M.

CONGO, Cesar



DUNHAM, Charles

DUNHAM, Ephraim

DYER, Charles








FARRAR, Samuel

FLINT, Billa

FLUKE, James

FOX, William




GILMOUR, Dr. Robert




GRANT, Alexander



GRAY, James

GRENAN, Patrick


HALL, James



HAYES, Moses

HAYES, William


HORTON, Nicholas, 2nd



HUBBELL, Dr. Elnathan


INNIS, Richard



JONES, Charles

JONES, Daniel

JONES, Francis P.

JONES, Henry

JONES, Jonas

JONES, Mrs. M.

JONES, Sidney

JONES, William



KILBORN, Charles


KINCAID, Archibald

KINCAID, Charles


LEGGO, Christopher

LEPOINT, Stephen


LYMAN, Patrick



MANNING, Michael

McCLEAN, Arthur





MORRIS, Alexander

MORRIS, William


MURRAY, Patrick




POWELL, William



REID, John






SCOTT, Thomas

SEAMAN, Nehemiah

SKINNER, Stephen

SKINNER, Sylvester


SMART, Rev. William

SMITH, Steel


STARR [Alexander] & POLLEY


STORY, Ralph









an engraving made from the painting made by James Gray.

BROCKVILLE in 1828 – from a coloured engraving made by James Gray.