Group Photographs by A.C. McIntyre — 1866

26 December 1855 — from an advertisement placed in the Brockville Recorder.

A.C. McIntyre

Next door to Mr. Lothrop’s, Main Street.

Ambrotypes or Positive Pictures on Glass.

“They are not reversed”

This ad could be the earliest indication that Mr. Alexander C. McIntyre had come to Brockville to begin a very successful career in the pioneering field of photography. “Ambrotypes” were the next improvement in the field after “Daguerreotypes”..


Five gents from Brockville

Five Gents from Brockville



31 January 1866 — from the Brockville newspaper, the British Central Canadian.

Previous to the adjournment of the County Council, and by invitation of Mr. McIntyre, the members in a body visited his gallery, and having formed in a group, had their photograph taken in first rate style.  We have seen the plates and the likenesses are extremely correct.

14 February 1866 — from the Brockville newspaper, the British Central Canadian.


Group photographs are now all the fashion, and our friend McIntyre is fully prepared to please the public.  His room is admirably fitted up for the purpose and he has lately imported from New York a beautiful architectural design for a background.  His group of the County and City Councils, and that of one of the classes of Victoria Common School are very generally admired.  Competent judges pronounce McIntyre’s photographs to be the best in the province.


Brockville Town Council 1866

Brockville Town Council — 1866

Sitting, ( high up in background) – William Fitzsimmons, Mayor

Standing, middle row – (left to right)  James Carron, Councillor, West Ward; Charles Stevenson, Chief Police Constable; Thomas Price, Councillor, West Ward.

Sitting, front row – (left to right)  R. Walker Grant, Councillor, West Ward; James J. Henderson, Councillor, Centre Ward; David Row, Councilor, Centre Ward; George S. McClean, Clerk and Treasurer; Christopher Fletcher, Councillor, East Ward; Edmund J. Senkler, Jr., Councillor, East Ward; John Stagg, Jr., Councilor, East Ward.
MissingRobert Fitzsimmons, Councillor, Centre Ward.


Studends & Teachers of Victoria Common School

Students, teachers and Principal of Victoria Common School — 1866

Boys and girls were taught in separate classes at this time. This is most likely just two of the classes in Victoria Common School on Wall St. They all dressed up for this group shot and walked down to McIntyre’s studio at the corner of Victoria Ave. and King St. In the centre is Mr. William Bigg (P), the principal. He shows up in two pictures here. My guess is that at least two of these young women are the teachers (T).


Common School Board 1866Staff and Trustees of Common School Board — 1866

(standing, back row) Herbert S. McDonald; William R. Bigg, principal, Victoria School; Christopher Fletcher.
(sitting, front row) James J. Henderson; Robert Kinney, teacher, Victoria School; William McCullough, Chairman of the Board; Thomas Price.


Non-Com Militia Officers - 1866

Brockville Rifle Co. – Militia Officers & Non-Comms – 1866

During the lead-up to the anticipated invasion of Canada by the American Fenian Brotherhood, troops and officers of the area Militia Companies were assembled and stationed in Brockville during 1866. These were the officers, corporals and sergeants of the Brockville Rifle Company.  The Rifles wore dark green uniforms.

4 comments on “Group Photographs by A.C. McIntyre — 1866

  1. says:

    Thank you so much for this and the other history items!
    I have a friend, Larry Smith, who found some old photographs on glass (slides actually) at first Baptist Church here in Brockville. He also found the old projector that was used to display them, got it working and showed them at the Museum, some schools and for the patients at St. Vincent de Paul hospital. They were of the First World War and I believe, Col. Curry from Curry’s Drug Store.
    I enjoy receiving your postings.
    Ron Pottinger.

    • Doug Grant says:


      Thank you for your comments.

      I was an acquaintance of Larry Smith and was able to view one of his lantern slide shows when he was a volunteer archivist at the Brockville Museum. I am always glad to hear from anyone who appreciates our history.

      You are perhaps one of the first persons to view my latest posting on the group photographs taken by A.C. McIntyre in 1866.


  2. Donna Riddell says:

    Hi Doug, my name is Donna Riddell and I’m always interested in family histories, old photos…. I research just about anything. I have an old photo of my classmates at Victoria Public School. Mrs. Greenhorn was our teacher then, the photo has the years 1968 — 1969.

    I remember this school and the big playground out back of it. My brothers, our friends and myself built a good many “snow forts ” as we called them. My first grade class was in the very front of the school. The big old staircase that creek and all the history this old building holds….if only the walls could talk.

    I am hoping you can tell me anything else about Victoria Public School, who built it, do you have any other photos of this school, the students/teachers etc. I’m very interested in anything you have on this school. Are there any books I could buy & what do you recommend? Thank – you for your time.

    Yours Truly,

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