J.W. Mann Manufacturing Co. of Brockville

from the Brockville Recorder, 23 September 1890

A Well-Merited Notice

Speaking of the display made by the J.W. Mann Mfg. Co. of this town at the Toronto Exhibition, the Globe says:

“The exhibit of the J.W. Mann Manufacturing Co. has occupied, during the Exhibition, a stand in the most conspicuous part of the Agricultural Hall, as was consistent with the popularity and excellence of their manufacture —

The Daisy Spring Tooth Harrow is well known among the farmers of Canada as a favourite agricultural implement during the past eleven years.  Thousands of these machines have been sold in Ontario.

This year, the firm has placed on the market, a new spring tooth cultivator which has no equal in its class.  It is called the Giant Steel Frame Cultivator, and is made of iron and steel throughout, except the tongue and wheels.

Giant Cultivator

J.W. Mann’s Giant Cultivator

The desirable feature of this machine is that it has but one leaver, is placed where the driver can use it with the least possible exertion, whether seated on the cultivator or walking behind it.

This one lever enables the driver to control the entire magazine, both in raising and lowering the teeth into the ground if necessary  A large number of orders have been given for the machine.”

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