Brockville Loves a Parade

King St E (at Market St.) - Firemen's Parade (ca1890)


In the 1890s, it was common for groups of volunteer firemen from many of the towns in Eastern Ontario and New York State to gather for their annual massed parade and firefighting skills competition. This parade was photographed as the parade passed Brockville’s city hall at Market St.


Circus Parade ca1898

ca. 1895

This a circus parade which probably started at the GTR station, came down Perth St., went along the main street, and is headed for the open grounds used for circuses in the east end of town. The photograph was taken from the top of the Weatherhead Block at King St. E. & Market Square E. The name of the circus company is hard to determine.


Court House Ave - May Day Parade ca.1905

ca. 1905

I believe this children’s parade took place on one of the May Day Celebrations that took place in Brockville on May 1st each year. You may be able to see that the majority of the walkers are young girls wearing white dresses. There is also a small number of boys in the parade. No doubt many of their parents are lining the sides of Court House Ave.



ca. 1915

During World War One the troops stationed in Brockville and the local Brockville Rifles, 41st Battalion would parade down Brockville’s King Street.


King St Brockville WWI parade

ca. 1917

Another WWI parade down King Street.


King St W , Brockville, ON- Victory Loan Parade - June-1-1941

June 1, 1941

This is a view of a Victory Loan Parade during WWII on King St. W., looking east from Kincaid St.



A parade between the wars showing two of the RCMP officers that were stationed in Brockville and the drummers of the 41st Battalion (Brockville Rifles). The building in the background were seldom photographed. The block is just west of Bethune St. on the north side.  All these buildings have been replaced.


Rowing Club parade on King St a - 1956


The parade which celebrated the return to Brockville of the rowers of the Brockville Rowing Club who represented Canada at the Royal Henley-on-Thames competition in Britain in 1956.  The local young men who went over were: Dave Mathieson, Twink Fodey (cox), Vince Rooney, Jack Rooney, Al McBratney, Mike Ford, Dennis Delaney, Jerry McInrue, Robert Campton, Bob Billings, and Moe Cody. Their coach was Ralph Gifford.


King St Parade


In the 1960s, one of the yearly summertime parades which travelled along King St. This view shows the new Woolworth’s store on the north side.  Large cround would line the street. The photographer was standing on the canopy that was mounted over the entrance of the Revere Hotel.


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  1. Lee says:

    Excellent site, Doug … under Victory Loan Parade, date needs to be corrected to 1941.

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