Rev. William Smart’s Baptismal Register 1831 – 1848

Extracts from Rev. William Smart’s Baptismal Register   1831 – 1848

As Published in the Papers of the Ontario Historical Society.


With Introduction and Notes by H. Richards (“Dick”) Morgan:

An account by Holly S. Seaman of the career of the Reverend William Smart, who was the first resident Minister of the Gospel in the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville and the founder of the First Presbyterian Church in Brockville, is to be found in Vol. No. 5 of the Papers and Records of the Ontario Historical Society (1904). At that time there was also given a series of extracts from old registers of baptisms, marriages and deaths kept by Mr. Smart.

Some months ago Dr. William Frederick Jackson, of Mowbath  Hall, Brockville, discovered a further register which had been kept by Mr. Smart having to do with baptisms which he had performed, and the contents of this register are herewith reproduced, together with the following testimonial to Mr. Smart’s services, dated at Brockville, May 4, 1848, and signed by Alexander Morris, the Hon. James Morris, Dr. Robert  Edmondson, Lt.-Col. Ogle R. Gowan, MPP, Hon George  Sherwood, MPP, Sheriff Adiel Sherwood, and Alpheus Jones (Prescott), which was found accompanying the register:

Brockville, May 4, 1848

This is to certify that we, the undersigned, have been acquainted with the Rev. Mr. Smart for many years, and several of us ever since he commenced his labours in this town, and neighbourhood, which is now thirty-six years, and during that long period he has as a man and Christian minister borne an unblemished character.

He has always been faithful and zealous in promoting the doctrines of Christianity, and the diffusion of sound morality among the people, and he has ever been foremost in the promotion of every institution which had for its object the glory of God, and the spiritual and moral happiness of the community.

His love and zeal for his Sovereign and the laws and institutions of the country none can doubt, as he has at all times, both by example and precept been faithful in the discharge of these important duties.


Rev. William Smart ca1825

Rev. William Smart   ca.1825


The following entries are selected only as they apply to residents of the Town of Brockville:



29 April  1831 – JOHN ARMSTRONG, born May 6, 1829, son of Adam and Mary ARMSTRONG, Brockville.

29 April 1831 – AGNES REID, born January 2, 1831, daughter of John and Jane REID,  Brockville.

30 April 1831 – JAMES HENRY MORRIS, son of James and Emily MORRIS, Brockville.

(James Henry MORRIS, Q.C., the eldest son of the Hon. James MORRIS M.L.C. and his wife, Emily MURNEY, was born in Brockville on February 16, 1831, and died in Toronto on December 10, 1890.)

August, 1831 – DORCAS WELCH, born July 1831, daughter of Joseph and Ann WELCH,  Brockville.

1 September 1831 – ROBERT SWEENEY, born August 2, 1831, son of Thomas and Jane SWEENEY, Brockville.

5 September 1831 – CHARLES EZRA DEWEY, son of Martin and Maria DEWEY, Brockville.

(Charles Israel DEWEY was the father of George K. DEWEY, town clerk, Brockville.)

5 September 1831  – CLARISSA ELIZABETH DEWEY, daughter of Martin and Maria DEWEY, Brockville.

(Afterwards Mrs. David BYERS.)

26 October 1831 – JANE McKAY, born September 13, 1831, daughter of Peter and Mary Ann MCKAY,  Brockville.

2 November 1831 – WILLIAM LAWLESS HYNES, son of William and Margaret HYNES, Brockville.

5 November 1831 – MARY JANE POTTER, born October 9, 1830, daughter of John C. and Mary Ann POTTER, Brockville.

6 November 1831 – SOPHIA ELIZABETH MORRIS, daughter of Alexander and Elizabeth MORRIS, Brockville.


13 February 1832 – DONALD McKAY, born January 21, 1832, son of Robert and Ellen McKAY,  Brockville.

5 April 1832 – Child of Alexander and Ann STARR

(This child was obviously ALFRED HENRY STARR, born in Brockville on November 36, 1831, and the founder of the Starr, Gill Manufacturing Co. from which he retired in 1874. His wife was Sarah Frederica LOTHROP, daughter of F. L. LOTHROP, and he died in 1877. One of his sons, George Lothrop STARR became the Very Rev. Dr. STARR (1872-1925), Dean of the Diocese of Ontario.)

10 June 1832 – PHEBE HOLDEN, born November 9, 1831, daughter of Rufus and Elizabeth HOLDEN, Brockville.

(Mr. Smart had married Rufus HOLDEN and Elizabeth CLEMENT, both of Elizabethtown, on November 17, 1830.)

8 July 1832 – JAMES NELSON, born April 16, 1832, son of Samuel and Betty NELSON, Brockville.

4 September 1832 – ANDREW NORTON COLE, son of  Abel and Catherine COLE, Brockville.

4 September 1832 – MARGARET REBECCA DONALDSON, daughter of Andrew and Susanna DONALDSON, Brockville.

13 September 1832 – ELIZA ANN GILMOUR, born January 5, 1832, daughter of John and Matilda GILMOUR, Brockville.

6 December 1832 – OGLE ROBERT THOMPSON, born August 24, 1832, son of John and Mary Ann THOMPSON, Brockville.

22 December 1832 – WILLIAM POLLY, born July 4, 1832, son of William H. and Delila POLLY, Brockville.

(One of the two tombstones which remained standing in the old Buell burying ground on Louis Street, Brockville, a few years ago — both of which have now disappeared   was “to the memory of William, Son of William H. and Delila POLLEY, who departed this life December 30, 1832, aged 5 months and 26 days”.)

25 December 1832 – Child of Adam and Mary ROBINSON, Brockville.


13 January 1833 – MARY MATILDA PEOPLES, daughter of John and Elizabeth PEOPLES, Brockville.

28 January 1833 – ADELAIDE VICTORIA BUELL, daughter of Joseph Peters and Britannia BUELL, Brockville.

26 May 1833 – ELVIRA ADELAIDE POTTER, born February 16, 1833, daughter of John C. and Mary POTTER, Brockville.

(She was married, firstly to W. H. ELLERBECK, barrister-at-law, Brockville secondly in 1873 to Robert F. FITZSIMMONS, merchant, Brockville and died there in 1918.)

26 May 1833 – JANET SUTHERLAND MULLINER, born February 28, 1833, daughter of Samuel and Catherine MULLINER, Brockville.

21 June 1833 – ROBERT HARROWER WHITELAW, Born in Kingston, June 21, 1832, son of John and Frances WHITELAW, Brockville.

20 October 1833 – MARGARET WEIR, born October 7, 1833, daughter of _______ and Ann WEIR, Brockville.

25 October 1833 – John CRANSTOUN, born June 21, 1833, son of William and Marian CRANSTOUN, Brockville.

25 October 1833 – EDMUND MORRIS, born June 1, 1833, son of James and Emily Morris, Brockville.

(He was a son of the Hon. James MORRIS and his wife, Emily MURNEY, and was long connected with the Ontario Bank and was married in 1863 to Catherine Ann SCHOFIELD, daughter of James L. Schofield, Brockville.)

1 November 1833 – MARION WATSON, born October 11, 1833, daughter of William and Margaret WATSON, Brockville.


14 February 1834 – MARY ANN REED, born October 7, 1833, daughter of John and Jane REED, Brockville.

27 February 1834 – GEORGE McKAY, born December 24, 1833, son of Peter and Marion McKAY,  Brockville.

21 March 1834 – WILLIAM McCRUM born February 7, 1833, son of Robert and Elizabeth McCRUM, Brockville.

26 March 1834 – CHARLES HAYES, born January 26, 1834, son of James and Nancy HAYES,  Brockville.

28 March 1834 – GEORGE SPENCER, born January 2, 1834, son of William and Mary Ann SPENCER, Brockville.

28 March 1834 – ROBERT BEATY POWELL, born September 30, 1833, son of James and Hannah POWELL, Brockville.

(Robert B. POWELL died in 1908.)

31 March 1834 – WILLIAM McCLENCHY, son of William and Ellen McCLENCHY, Brockville.

21 May 1834 – JOHN MORRISON JOHNSTON, born April 8, 1934, son of George Lodge and Jane JOHNSTON, Brockville.

22 May 1834 – ISAAC FOLLY, born December 6, 1833, son of William H. and Delila Polly,  Brockville.

20 July 1834 – Mary Ann SLATER, born May 18, 1834, daughter of William and Elizabeth  SLATER, Brockville.

16 September 1834 – JOHN DONALDSON, born June 20, 1834, son of Andrew and Mary DONALDSON, Brockville.

18 September 1834 – MARGARET NELSON, born August 19, 1833, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth NELSON, Brockville.

21 September 1834 – HELEN SMART, born August 19, 1833, daughter of John and Isabella SMART, Brockville.

6 September 1834 – Child, born August 17, 1834, of ________ LOTHROP, Brockville

(Probably Sarah Frederica LOTHROP, daughter of Fordyce L. LOTHROP, Brockville, afterwards married to Alfred Henry STARR.)

2 November 1834 – ALEXANDER GORDON STARR, son of Alexander and Ann STARR, Brockvllle.

(He was born July 24, 1834, died April 8, 1915, at Brockville, where he had been agent for the Canadian Pacific Railway.)

18 December 1834 – ELIZA ANN ROBINSON, born September 23, 1834, daughter of Thomas and Ann ROBINSON, Brockville.

26 December 1834 – ELIZABETH WILSON McCALLUM, born October 14, 1834, daughter of James and Margaret McCALLUM, Brockville.


6 January 1835 – JAMES McCLATCHEY, born December 19, 1834, son of Matthew and Sarah McCLATCHEY, Brockville.

21 March 1835 – HENRY WALKER, born January 15, 1835, son of James and Jennet WALKER, Brockville.

12 May 1835 – SAMUEL NELSON, born March 21, 1835, son of Samuel and Elizabeth NELSON, Brockville.

12 May 1835 – KETTY BLAIR, born May 3, 1835, daughter of Alexander and Margaret  BLAIR, Brockville.

12 May 1835 – JOHN ROBINSON, born May 6, 1835, son of William and Ann ROBINSON,  Brockville.

12 May 1835 – SUSANNA HILLIS, daughter of  Joseph and Nancy HILLIS, Brockville.

17 May 1835 – JOHN McCULLOCH, born April 25, 1835, son of Alexander and Mary McCULLOCH, Brockville.

23 June 1835 – MARY ADELAIDE MOSELY, born August 24, 1832, daughter of John and Ann MOSELY, Brockville.

JULIAN MOSELY, born June 14, 1835, son of John and Ann MOSELY, Brockville.

18 June 1835 – JANE McCRUM, born December 25, 1834, daughter of James and Mary Ann MCCRUM, Brockville.

18 August 1835 – BETSY JANE STRAIN, born March 21, 1835, daughter of David and Catherine STRAIN, Brockville.

4 September 1835 – JOHN McCLENCHY, born September 4, 1835, son of Robert and Mary McCLENCHY, Brockville.

12 October 1835 – MATTE COOPER, born August 28, 1835, daughter of John and Matte  COOPER, Brockville.

25 December 1835 – FITZ WILLIAM HENRY CHAMBERS, born September 29, 1832, son of James Alexander and Eliza Ann Mary CHAMBERS, Elizabethtown.

(F.W.H. CHAMBERS became a leading figure in the public life of Brockville, where he practiced law for an extended period, and which he represented in the Parliament of the Canadas from 1863 to 1867. For some time he was in partnership with the late Judge H.S. MCDONALD and subsequently going to Detroit, became a judge there. He died in Detroit about 25 years ago.)

JAMES ALEXANDER BREAKENRIDGE CHAMBERS, born May 6, 1835, son of James Alexander and Eliza Ann Mary CHAMBERS, Elizabethtown.


15 February 1836 – JAMES REYNOLDS, born June 25, 1835, son of James and Elizal REYNOLDS, Brockville.

17 April 1836 – SARAH ANN SPENCE, born July 1835, daughter of William and Mary Ann SPENCE, Brockville.

24 April 1836 – SARAH ANN WEIR, born April 7, 1836, daughter of George and Ann WEIR, Brockville.

15 May 1836 –  BENJAMIN ROBINSON, son of  Thomas and Ann ROBINSON, Brockville.

30 October 1836 – Two children (neither names or sexes given) of William and Sophrone MORSE,  Brockville.

3 November 1836 – THOMAS LEACH, born May 18, 1836, son of Edward and Elizabeth LEACH, Brockville.


30 July 1837 – THOMAS HILLIS, born March 12, 1837, son of William and Mary Ann HILLIS, Brockville.


22 April 1838 – JOSEPH HILLIS, born January 6, 1838, son of William and Mary Ann HILLIS, Brockville.


no date, 1840 – MARIA JANE DOWSLEY, daughter of George and Eliza DOWSLEY, Brockville.

KENEDA BROWN DOWSLEY, born April 21, 1840, daughter of George and Eliza DOWSLEY,  Brockville.


8 May 1841 – LATICIA ALLEN, born July 26, 1839, daughter of John and Fanny ALLEN,  Brockville.

13 December 1841 – JOHN KIRKLAND, son of  Thomas and Susanna KIRKLAND, Brockville.


2 May 1842 – EUPHRASIA HARRIET ELIZA ELLERBECK,  born August 24, 1841, daughter of  William Harrison and Katherine Cook ELLERBECK.

(She died on January 24, 1859, and is buried in the Howard Cemetery, Elizabethtown.)

8 May 1842 – HANCE HILLIS, born March 18, 1842, son of Thomas and Sarah HILLIS,  Brockville.

21 June 1842 – MARGARET GREEN, born February 11, 1842, daughter of John and Maria GREEN,  Brockville.

16 July 3 842 – MARY ANN ALLAN, born March 29, 1842, daughter of John and Fanny ALLAN,  Elizabethtown (formerly of Brockville)


21 June 1843 – AGNES GEORGE, born August 12, 1842, daughter of David and Rachel GEORGE, Brockville.


19 March 1845 – JAMES ALEXANDER LIDDLE, born January 38, 1845, son of  George and Jane LIDDLE, Brockville.

4 May 1845 – JOSHUA McCORD, born February 13, 1845, son of James and Jane McCORD,  Brockville.


9 February 1848 – MATHER STUART, born November 28, 1847, daughter of Alexander and Jane STUART, Brockville.

10 February 1848 – HELEN HARRIET DANA, born October 31, 1847, daughter of Alonzo B. and Mary DANA, Brockville.

(She was married in Brockville on December 5, 1871, as his first wife, to Archer BAKER, then accountant of the Brockville and Ottawa, and Canada Central Railways and subsequently general superintendent of the eastern division, Canadian Pacific Railway, and its European traffic manager. She died in Brockville on September 25, 1880.)

Rev. Wiiliam Smart  ca.1870

Rev. William Smart   ca.1870

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